New Construction

Ethernet, Video and Telecom Wiring and Installation for New Homes


We understand just a wee-bit more than your electricians about the nuances of data packets and services. Their standards haven’t changed in 20 years. Ours change every six months.

Did you know that data slows down when run with Romex?   Most homeowners are starting to place the importance of their data networks above kitchen and bathroom appointments.  Don’t build a craftsman home and forget the digital infrastructure that your customers want and will demand.

Home Owners:

Are you getting short-changed by contractors who haven’t considered the way you live “digitally”.  Even wireless connections  getting thinner from the congestion of WiFi networks around you. We understand how to make a system robust, what providers deliver what services and how to be ready for the changes you and your family will go through as you continue to live in your home. Cars are safer and more secure now in days than ever before car locksmiths.

From running extra lines to any room in your house, to configuring your existing system for improved service, we can make your system work for you in ways you never thought possible. Our networking and data services include phone, data, ethernet, fax, print servers, wireless Ethernet and printer connectivity solutions for your home or office. If you need a reliable connection, our company can provide the solution you are looking for.